1.General conditions.


1.1. “Rajd Beskidy” is a sports and recreation competition which consists of running or trekking, riding a bike (Mountain Terrain Bike), kayaking, rafting, climbing tasks and other activities. The route is neither marked nor set out. Checkpoints are marked by visible kites and competitors choose the way between them on their own.


1.2. The Organizer is ADLER Jerzy Lekki, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, ul. Krakowska 183, NIP 937-145-07-13. Contact mobile: +48 602 257 486, email: jerzylekki2@gmail.com. Website: www.rajdbeskidy.pl.


1.3. Start is located in Bielsko-Biała, in Poland. The localization of the finish line and race office will be released soon. Race takes place in Beskidy Mountains and Little Fatra in Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic


1.4. The competition will be held from 18th to 25th June 2023. It will take place regardless the weather conditions.


1.5. The main goal of the race is exploring Beskidy mountains and Little Fatra, testing navigation skills as well as testing physical and mental condition.


  1. Terms of participation.


2.1. The main condition of participation is accepting these Terms and Conditions.


2.2. Only adults (over 18 years old) may participate in the competition.


2.3. Participation in the competition is voluntary. Participants are aware that the competition takes place in a difficult, mountain terrain where the probability of suffering injuries, injuries, accidents etc. is high. Participants are required to call the emergency services themselves, if needed. Participants start on their own risk. In no case will they have any claims or seek compensation from the Organizer.


  1. Registration.


3.1. Participants have to fill the application form available on the website www.rajdbeskidy.pl.


3.2. Entry fees:


Paid until 31.03.2023 Paid from 01.04.2023
Long Course  1500 EUR / 7.200 PLN / 35.000 CZK / team  1800 EUR / 8.600 PLN / 42.000 CZK / team
Short Course  100 EUR / 480 PLN / 2.300 CZK / team  130 EUR / 620 PLN / 3.000 CZK / team


For the first registered 10 teams of the Long Course the entry fee is 1200 EUR / 5.800 PLN / 28.000 CZK / team.

Bank account:

– for payments in PLN: 40 1940 1076 3099 6098 0000 0000; owner: Jerzy Lekki

– for payments in EUR: PL 41 1600 1462 1803 7188 1000 0002, BIC/SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX; owner: Jerzy Lekki

– for payments in CZK: 314691238/0300, IBAN CZ18 0300 0000 0003 1469 1238, owner: Jerzy Lekki

In the bank transfer title please specify your name, surname (or team’s name) and type of course (long or short).

Entry fee includes:  2 sets of maps, control cards, start numbers, transport of bikes and all stuff between TA’s and finish line, kayaks with paddles and life jackets, accident insurance, tracking, professional support for special tasks, medical protection, official race vest, medal, cups for the winners,  dinner at the end of the race with a prize ceremony.


3.3. Team may resign from the participation in the competition. If the Organizer gets the information about the resignation before 30.04.2023, the team will receive 100% refund. If the Organizer gets the information about the resignation 01.05.2023 – 22.05.2023, team will receive refund: 50% of the entry fee. If the Organizer gets the information about the resignation after 22.05.2022, team will not get any refund. If the competition is cancelled due to current epidemic situation, Team will get full refund of the entry fee.


3.4. The Organizer is able to issue a VAT invoice, if requested.


  1. Race course, maps, time limits, penalties.


4.1. Rajd Beskidy consists of two adventure racing routes with different difficulty, length and character.

  1. a) Long course is around 610 km long with 16.000 m of elevation gain. It consists of MTB (450 km, 10.000 m D+), trekking (130 km, 6.000 m D+), kayak (15 km), rafting (15 km), climbing tasks and other activities. 4 members per team.
  2. b) Short course is around 135 km long with 3.200 m of elevation gain. It consists of MTB (70 km, 1.500 m D+), trekking (50 km, 1.700 m D+), kayak (15 km), climbing tasks and other activities. 2 members per team.


Above mentioned distances are approximate, they may vary depending on navigation skills and route chosen by the Team.


4.2. The order of completing checkpoints will be shown at the maps. All checkpoints have equal importance. They are marked by kites with needle punch or letter code. In some special cases, participants may confirm it by taking a photo and presenting it at the finish line.


4.3. Organizer provides touristic maps and other special maps. Scale from 1:5 000 to 1:40 000. Maps are waterproof. It is forbidden to use maps other than those provided by the Organizer. It is forbidden to use any GPS devices for navigation purposes.


4.4. Time limit:

  1. a) long course – 126 hours
  2. b) short course – 24 hours

All breaks are included in the time limit.


4.5. If the Team fails to complete special task, it will get the penalty one hour per person per task failure. Special tasks are not checkpoints.


4.6. If the Participant breaks any rule of these Rules of competition, Organizer will award time penalties adequate to the violation committed. The Organizer may disqualify the Team due to breaking “fair play” rules, great violations or medical reasons.


4.7. The Team cannot split up on the route. The Team is obliged to presence themselves all together at the checkpoints.


  1. Results.


5.1. The results are determined by:

First of all: total amount of completed checkpoints.

Second of all: time at the finish line + time penalties.

There is no ex aequo for places 1 to 3. In this case, the result will be determined by an additional task at the finish line.


5.2. In the short course, there will be male (MM) and mixed (MIX) classification without age categories. Female teams will be included in MIX category.


5.3. Only teams which complete at least one checkpoint will be classified.


5.4. Classification will be based on control cards (alternatively photos from checkpoints without kites). The control card must be in a good condition, which allows to be read. The GPS track is not a proof of a presence at the checkpoint.


5.5. If there is no kite where it should be located, the Participant should write on the control card “BPK” (in Polish it means no checkpoint), take a photo of a place and inform Organizer about it.


5.6. Unofficial results will be published no later than on the 26th of June 2022. Participants are allowed to submit claim (personally, by email or mobile phone) within three days from the publication of unofficial results. After this time the results become official.


  1. Resignation.


6.1. In case of resignation, Team must inform the Organizer as soon as possible.


6.2. In case of resignation of one of the team members, other members are able to continue the race but only after Organizer’s allowance. Incomplete team will not be classified.


6.3. In case of resignation, the Organizer does not provide transport to the race office.


  1. Mandatory equipment.


7.1. Mandatory equipment for each Participant for MTB stages:

– mountain bike with front facing white light and rear facing red light


-cycle repair kit, extra inner tube, bicycle pump (one per team)

-bike lock (one per team)


7.2. Mandatory equipment for each Participant for special tasks:

– climbing harness

– helmet (could be bike helmet)

– belay device

– at least 3 locking carabiners

– at least 3 loops min. 60cm


7.3. Mandatory equipment for all race:

Each Participant has to be equipped with personal clothing and footwear suitable for extreme conditions; sufficient water, food and sustenance; light source (such as headlamp), survival blanket, mobile phone and personal document.

Each Team has to be equipped with at least one compass, first aid kit, photo camera, pen.


7.4. During the race, all Participants are obliged to wear official race vests and start numbers.


7.5. Checks of mandatory equipment may occur during the race at any time and any place. Missing equipment result in time penalties.


  1. Personal data, image protection.


8.1. Participants agree to publish their personal data such as name and surname in race results.


8.2. Participants agree to correspondence by e-mail or telephone related to “Rajd Beskidy” or other races in the future organized by Organizer according to Ogólne Rozporządzenie o Ochronie Danych Osobowych 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. (RODO). Participant has the right to disagree at any time.


8.3. Participants agree to have their image published in materials related to the race or other competitions organized by Organizer in the future.


8.4. Apart from the benefits included in the entry fee and prizes for the winners, Participants are not entitled to any other gratuities such as remuneration for using image or personal data.


  1. Final conditions.


9.1. Participants cannot use any means of transport other than those specified by the Organizer (as well as transport organized by third parties).


9.2. Participants are obliged to help other Participants as well as third parties in case of emergency. Any time spent on such an assistance will be deducted from the total time spent on the race.


9.3. Participants are required to comply with applicable regulations (especially COVID-19 rules, protection of environment, traffic, moving around private properties, agricultural crops, forests). Their ignorance does not release them from responsibility. Great violations of the regulations may result in Participant’s disqualification. The Organizer is not responsible for any damages caused to Participants by third parties and vice versa. Organizer is not responsible for Participants’ personal belongings and bikes.


9.4. The Organizer has the right to amend Rules of competition but the Participants must be informed about those changes.


9.5. In case Polish and English version of regulations are different, the Polish version is in power.


9.6. In difficult or controversial cases, the final decision will be made by the Organizer.


9.7. The final interpretation of Rules of competition belongs to the Organizer.


Bielsko-Biała, November 2022