III. Winter Soła Valley Race – Terms & Conditions

  1. General Provisions.

1.1. The III. Winter Soła Valley Race, hereinafter referred to as the race, is a sports and tourist event for orientation.

1.2. The organizer is the Rajd Beskidy Association, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, ul. Krakowska 183, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 9372751428. Contact phone: 602257486, email: jerzylekki2@gmail.com. Website: www.rajdbeskidy.pl.

1.3. The base, start, and finish of the competition are located at Przystań nad Sołą, ul. Mostowa 17, 32-651 Bielany, Oświęcim County. The competition area covers the Bielsko and Oświęcim counties.

1.4. The competition will take place on January 13, 2024. The competition will be held regardless of the weather.

1.5. The aim of the competition is to explore the scenic values of the Oświęcim and Bielsko counties, test one’s navigational skills in the field, and assess one’s physical and mental condition.


  1. Conditions for Participation.

2.1. Participation is subject to the acceptance of these regulations.

2.2. Only adults are allowed to participate in the competition.

2.3. Participation in the competition is voluntary. Participants are aware that the competition takes place in challenging terrain and during the winter season when the likelihood of injuries, accidents, and other incidents is high. In case of need for assistance, participants are obligated to independently summon rescue services. Participants compete at their own risk and, under no circumstances, can make claims or seek compensation from the organizer.

2.4. On the AR12h route, two-person teams of any gender can participate. On other routes, participation is individual.


  1. Registrations.

3.1. Registration is done by entering your name on the start list available on the www.rajdbeskidy.pl website.

The entry fee is as follows:

till 18.12.202319.12.2023 – 09.01.2024
AR12h280 PLN / team360 PLN / team
TP4h120 PLN / person160 PLN / person
TP8h120 PLN / person160 PLN / person
TR8h120 PLN / person160 PLN / person


Bank account: 17 1600 1462 1737 7217 9000 0001, BIC/SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX, account owner: Stowarzyszenie Rajd Beskidy.

Cash payments are not accepted.

The team’s name must be included in the payment title.

As part of the entry fee, the organizer provides a complete set of maps for each participant, starting cards, race numbers, personal accident insurance, commemorative medal, trophies for the best, and a meal at the finish line.

3.2. A participant/team may withdraw from the competition. If the organizer receives notice of withdrawal by January 7, 2024, the participant/team will receive a refund of the entry fee. If the organizer receives notice of withdrawal later, the participant/team cannot request a refund of the entry fee.

In case the competition is canceled due to an epidemic situation, the team will receive a full refund of the entry fee.

3.3. The organizer issues VAT invoices.

3.4. Registrations are possible until January 9, 2024.


  1. Routes, Maps, Limits, Penalties.

4.1. The race includes the following routes: Adventure Race – 12-hour race (AR12h), 4-hour pedestrian (TP4h), 8-hour pedestrian (TP8h), and 8-hour cycling (TR8h).

4.1.1. The AR12h course is a 12-hour rogaining. It consists of a pedestrian stage (approx. 6 hours), a cycling stage (approx. 6 hours), and a very short kayaking stage.

4.1.2. The TP4h course is a 4-hour pedestrian rogaining.

4.1.3. The TP8h course is an 8-hour pedestrian rogaining.

4.1.4. The TR8h course is an 8-hour cycling rogaining.

4.2. On each course, the order of completing the checkpoint points is arbitrary. Points have different values: 2, 4, or 6. The kayaking point is worth 12 points. Control points are marked with spatial lanterns with punches or flat lanterns with a letter code. In some cases, confirmation of presence is done by taking a photo and presenting it at the finish line.

4.3. Participants will have tourist maps and other special maps at their disposal. Scales range from 1:15,000 to 1:40,000. The maps are made of waterproof paper. It is prohibited to use maps other than those provided by the organizer, especially any GPS devices for navigation purposes.

4.4. The time limit is specified in points 4.1.1 – 4.1.4. The delay limit is 30 minutes, and for every started 5-minute delay, one conversion point will be deducted. Arriving at the finish line after the delay limit results in not completing the competition (DNF). All breaks are included in the time of completing the route.

4.5. For violations of these regulations, the organizer may impose penalties corresponding to the committed violation. For serious violations, violations of „fair play,” and medical reasons, the organizer may disqualify a participant/team.

4.6. On the AR8h course, the team cannot separate during the race and is obliged to report to each control point as a complete team.


  1. Results.

5.1. The results are determined primarily by the number of conversion points. The second criterion is the time to complete the course with any time penalties. In the case of places 1-3, ex aequo is not foreseen. In such a case, an additional task will decide the outcome at the finish line.

5.2. On the AR8h course, a separate classification will be maintained for male (MM) and mixed (MIX) teams. Teams consisting of women (KK) will be included in the MIX category. On other courses, there will be separate classifications for women and men.

5.3. Teams/participants who complete at least one control point will be classified.

5.4. The classification is based on punch cards or photos from those control points without lanterns. The punch card must be in a condition that allows for reading. GPS tracks are not proof of presence at the control point.

5.5. In case a checkpoint lantern is missing from a location where it should be placed, you should take a picture of the spot.

5.6. Unofficial results will be published no later than January 15, 2024. Participants have the right to raise observations and protests within three days from the publication of unofficial results. These can be submitted in person, by phone, or electronically. After this deadline, the results become official.


  1. Withdrawals.

6.1. In case of withdrawing from the continuation of the competition, a team/competitor is obligated to immediately notify the organizer.

6.2. In the event of one team member withdrawing, another person may continue the competition with the organizer’s consent. A team with an incomplete lineup will not be ranked.

6.3. In case of withdrawing from the continuation of the competition, the organizer does not provide transport to the base.


  1. Mandatory Equipment for Participants.

7.1. Mandatory Equipment.

Equipment for the entire course:

  • Starting number – each person
  • Headlamp – each person
  • Rainproof and windproof jacket with a hood – each person
  • Long-sleeved sweatshirt – each person
  • Undershirt – each person
  • Long or short trousers with separate legs – each person
  • Ear-covering hat or buff – each person
  • Compass – each person or team (for AR8h)
  • Set of maps – each person
  • Set of control cards – each person or team (for AR8h)
  • NRC foil – each person
  • First aid kit (contents listed below) – each person or team (for AR8h)
  • Functional mobile phone with a charged battery and the RATUNEK application installed (available on Google Play and AppStore) – each person or team (for AR8h)
  • Digital camera (can be a camera in a phone) – each person or team (for AR8h)
  • Pen – each person or team (for AR8h)

Equipment for cycling stages:

  • Mountain bike – each person
  • Rigid helmet – each person
  • Front white light (different from the headlamp) – each person
  • Rear red light – each person
  • Repair kit containing basic tools, a pump, and a spare tube for each bicycle – each person or team (for AR8h)
  • Lock to secure bicycles against theft – each person or team (for AR8h)

Equipment for the kayaking stage:

  • Kayak (provided by the Organizer)
  • Paddle (provided by the Organizer) – each person
  • Life jacket (provided by the Organizer) – each person

First Aid Kit Contents:

  • Bandage – 2 pieces
  • Triangular bandage – 1 piece
  • Sterile dressing – 4 pieces
  • Roll of adhesive tape – 1 piece
  • Antihistamine medicine – 4 doses
  • Anti-diarrheal medicine – 4 doses
  • Protective gloves – 1 pair

7.2. Possession of any maps other than those provided by the organizer, including electronic versions, is prohibited.

7.3. During the competition, each participant is required to display the starting number correctly.

7.4. The organizer reserves the right to check the mandatory equipment at any time and place during the competition. The absence of mandatory equipment items may result in time penalties.


  1. Personal Data and Image.

8.1. Participants consent to the public announcement of results with their first and last names.

8.2. Participants consent to correspondence via electronic or telephone communication regarding the „III. Zimowy Rajd Doliną Soły” competition and any other future competitions that the organizer may organize, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 27, 2016. Participants have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

8.3. Participants consent to the use of their image and statements by the organizer in materials related to the „III. Zimowy Rajd Doliną Soły” competition and any other competitions organized by the organizer in the future.

8.4. Participants are entitled to no other gratuities apart from the services related to the entry fee, potential prizes, and gifts, especially with regard to remuneration for the use of their image, statements, and personal data.


  1. Final Provisions.

9.1. Participants are not allowed to use any means of transportation other than those specified by the organizer, as well as assistance from third parties.

9.2. Competitors are obliged to provide assistance to other participants and third parties in situations of danger. Any time spent on such assistance may be deducted from the course time.

9.3. Participants are required to comply with applicable regulations, with ignorance of them not exempting from liability. This particularly concerns fire regulations, environmental protection, traffic laws, and regulations regarding movement on private property, agricultural areas, and forest nurseries. Flagrant violations of regulations may result in the disqualification of the participant. The organizer is not responsible for damages caused to participants by third parties, and vice versa. The organizer does not assume financial responsibility for participants’ belongings, including their bicycles.

9.4. The organizer reserves the right to change these regulations, with participants being informed of such changes.

9.5. In disputed matters, the final decision lies with the organizer.

9.7. The ultimate interpretation of these regulations belongs to the organizer.

Bielsko-Biała, November 2023.


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